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The 24 Most Important Rules Of Trading :

1. Always Cut your losses and let your profits run. Take small losses and large
2. Once you have defined the trend, trade only in that direction.
3. Always have a trading plan. Never enter a trade unless you know where you
should get in and where you should get out.
4. Always use a protective stop to limit your losses.
5. Be patient. Wait for the right opportunities. Don't just trade for the sake of
6. If the reason you entered the trade is no longer there, get out.
7. Do your homework. By the time you enter a trade you should already know what
you are going to do and what you expect from the trade. Placing a trade should
be the easiest part of trading. If you are still trying to work things out
when you enter the trade you are not ready for that trade.
8. If your method of trading is working, don't change it.
9. The market is never too high to buy or to low to sell.
10. Every trader has losses, don't let your losses get to you psychologically.
12. The market is always right.

13. Use money management in your trading
14. Only trade markets you are sufficiently capitalized for
15. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.
16. Be disciplined.
17. If you hit your target profit, take it. Don't get greedy and hope that you
will make more.
18. Don't try and regain all your losses in one trade.
19. Don't blindly follow someone else's recommendations. Do your own homework
20. If it's not going well, take a break for a few days or weeks. Make sure you
are in the right psychological frame of mind before you start trading again.
21. Don't trade to many markets. It's better to be an expert in one market than a
novice in many.
22. Never meet a margin call. If you have a margin call it means something went
wrong with your trade.
23. By the time everyone knows it's a bull or bear market, it's probably to late.
24. Loses in trading have no bearing on you as a person.

sumber : group Makassar Trader Community

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yoshua christma mengatakan...

intinya adalan kita jangan berusaha untuk melawan market dalam trading lebih baik menjadi trend lover sebagaimana juga diterapkan di OctaFx, dan jika kalah jangan berusaha untuk membbalasnya dengan mengandalkan modal untuk mencapai target

Blogger mengatakan...

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